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              Chairman Speech

              Chen Zhenghua
              Chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Construction Group Co., Ltd.
              Born in March of 1964 in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, the Han Nationality
              MBA of Tsinghua University and Nanjing University, Senior Economist
              National May 1st Labor Medal
              National Excellent Entrepreneur in Building Industry
              China Excellent Entrepreneur in Construction Industry
              Member of the Central Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association
              Managing Director of China International Exchange Association
              Member of Standing Committee of C.P.P.C.C. of Jiangsu Province
              Supervisor of Association of Overseas Chinese Businessman from Jiangsu Province
              Vice-chairman of Jiangsu Building Industry Association
              Vice-chairman of Jiangsu Construction Contractor Association
              Vice-chairman of Jiangsu Construction Market Management Association
              Vice-chairman of Jiangsu Suzhou-Businessman Development and Promotion Association
              Honorary Chairman of Nanjing Investment Enterprise Association
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              Welcome to our website.

              In its pioneering work of more than half a century, Jiangsu Provincial Construction Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “JPC”) has received persistent attention and care from and met satisfaction of friends who come from all walks of life, which has motivated generations of staff of JPC to work hard.

              We have been honored to have many colleagues with a common goal during this period, who have respected, encouraged, complemented and helped each other, enjoyed happiness and built projects of excellence, and laid down a solid foundation for our development. We have been honored to know many domestic and foreign partners, with whom we have become congenial friends, standing together through thick and thin in mutually beneficial and win-win business cooperation. Thanks to their efforts and devotion, JPC has acquired a strong capacity for market expansion, outstanding project management and excellent sustainable operation.

              We hope more friends will pay attention to and participate in the development of JPC by promoting the cause of JPC and joining us to realize their grand ambition, lofty ideals and a brilliant future in the course of building “Centurial Jiangsu Provincial Construction Group”.

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